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Just a reflection

Last night, the moon was full... it was cold and windy and the sky was CLEAR except for the amazingly bright moon - it was stark against the winter sky and so clear in it's detail, it almost looked painted.

All of a sudden, as I admired how bright it was, I realized the moon has NO LIGHT of its own. NONE - there is NO light source on the moon.

No matter how much of it we see, full or sliver, it is simply reflecting the light from the sun. The amount we see reflected indicates how much the earth is blocking. When nothing is blocking the light from the sun, the moon is FULL and appears to be a light source!

So, I'll bet the spiritual connections are already as obvious to you as you read this as they were to me as I realized it. Driving home from a prayer meeting at 7pm at night, looking at the moon, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I am merely a reflection. I have no source of light or love or goodness in me.... BUT I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, so that IS a direct reflection of the Father God. Because of my love relationship with Jesus, the Holy Spirit dwells in me and I am able to house the very kingdom of God.

When things block my relationship with God, I reflect less of His light in my world. When nothing is between us and God -- we look just like JESUS!

We are JUST a reflection.

I want to be a full reflection -- all the time!

The photo is NOT MINE -- inter Full Moon is a photograph by Larry Landolfi which was uploaded on August 23rd, 2012

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