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February is for FASTING? What??

Smack in the middle of Valentine's candy and chocolates, many people are fasting something for Lent? (It starts February 17th this year.) Either way, it's a great time to pick up my new book, "Fasting Limits"!

This book has very little to do with religion or food - It has EVERYTHING to do with getting rid of stuff that keeps us from living Heaven on Earth! It's a 40-day adventure, a transformational, spiritual and personal journey into a Life Without Limits.

YOUR LIFE -- without limits! -- Can you picture that? -- Let me help you see it!

This is a mind blowing, life changing adventure for young and old, men and women, alike -- and it can be in your hands SOON!


Coming soon (any day now.... ) to Amazon.

Here is a preview of the forward by my great friend, Bryan Caison of The Caison Group, and the John Maxwell Team:

....If beliefs are scripted by information that we obtain or experiences we have, it would only make sense that in order to overcome a limiting belief we would need to obtain new information or have a different experience that is contradictory to our current beliefs.

This is why I am excited you have chosen to take this journey with Beth. Over the next 40 days you will have the opportunity to obtain new information and have new experiences that will allow you to script new beliefs that will serve you in living the life you desire. I encourage you to make the commitment to yourself, to stay the course for the entire 40 days and that you will follow Beth’s directions as she guides you through it. Believing that God will transform you by breaking those strongholds or limitations, allowing you to begin living a life with NO LIMITS!!

...Beth and I have been friends for many years, and I can tell you that she is a principled person who practices what she teaches. I have been there to witness her growth journey for many years and now you have the opportunity to join her on that journey. For the next 40 days she will challenge you, inspire you, love on you; all so that you have the opportunity to transform into the person God created you to be. This is not just another devotional book; it is a transformational movement that begins with you…are you ready?

Enjoy your journey!

Bryan Caison

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