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CRAZY - Right!

Nothing in our wildest imaginations could have prepared us for the crazy circumstances we are living in today!  Right! 

So is "crazy" even the best adjective? 

Does it give a desirable or undesirable connotation to the situation? 

When we pause for a moment on a neutral factor, like the word "crazy", we recognize a powerful law - the law of perception.  

You already know perception is more important than truth; our perception is our reality. 

It doesn't matter if I say crazy in the most positive and enjoyable sense possible (truth), it only matters how it is interpreted (perception). 

If you interpret crazy as the first stage of an apocalyptic curse, or an expression of hopelessness and helplessness, you will not be smiling in response to my comment.  

Our interpretation of each neutral factor is subconscious and powerful. If our perception indeed is our reality, we need to become more aware when it is inaccurate or unhelpful. 

Awareness = choice

I urge you to become aware of how many neutral things you automatically interpret.  

Just tune in! 

Notice the things you react to (or the things you've been accused of overreacting to) and then simply ask yourself some helpful, safe, logical questions like:

What is the neutral factor here?

What are the other options?

What if I want to be logical and poised here?

Can I interpret this a different way?

If you watch the news, and then automatically say, "That's depressing...", I wonder what else you could say - if you were more aware. 

There is ALWAYS another perspective. 

There IS always a more helpful truth. 

This applies to everything, guys! 

Literally everything!

Relationships, parenting, personal doubts, sickness, unfamiliar tasks, rejections, disappointments, government restrictions, policy "enhancements", family transitions, the dog barking, the weather.....everything starts as a neutral factor….then we interpret. 

One of my favorite quotes to live by is: 

"Between the stimulus and the response is a space; therein lies my freedom." 

That freedom (to notice and interpret the space) is the superpower of self control. 

Remember: Awareness = Choice

We are all being forced into circumstances beyond our control right now - but things beyond our control do not have to master our lives! 

We can always master our minds - that space of “freedom” can never be taken away. 

So, use your freedom: Notice, harness, pause, and hone the power of self control (it’s a fruit of the Spirit, by the way. See Gal 5:23).

Determine to optimize your personal awareness of the space to control your interpretation of factors and shift your perception to line up with the Heavenly perspective of our perfect, loving, sovereign Father God! 

Let's start to talk about how you are applying this. Talk to each other about what you're noticing, and share what is working well for you!  

God Bless as you consider the CRAZY freedom in this space!

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