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Updated: Feb 28, 2020

“Come Max!” I say to my German Shepherd, less than an hour ago.

He loses ½ lb of hair as he gets up, shakes, stretches, comes close and rubs all over my legs, full of love and trust.

I grab his collar and my keys. He gets VERY excited with that combination!! He runs in circles, losing another pound and a half of hair as we get out the door.

I am taking him to get his semi-annual grooming, but he doesn’t know that yet.

Since we recently moved to a new city, this particular drive is a new thing for both of us, but he doesn’t know that, either.

He is just with me, so it’s ok, so far.

He gets a bit excited in the car, at first, just being on an adventure with me…but the further we go from home, the more nervous he gets. I am praying like always and he settles in for the 15 miles of unfamiliar road.

As I slow to take an exit, then ease onto a strange frontage road, then stop and make another turn, and then finally ease into a parking lot…I can tell Max is in full blown anxiety!

I know he’s ok.

I know it’s a safe place.

I know this is going to improve our lives.

I even know this will improve the lives of our apartment neighbors (who I’m sure hear him constantly scratching, thumping on the floor, and my daily vacuuming).

I know it’s all for good!

I know, but he doesn’t….

He’s just uncertain, scared, and grasping for safety and trust.

He is freaking out!

I take him inside the new doggie salon and he sniffs everything while I fill out papers and then, horror of all horrors – I LEAVE HIM THERE. I leave him with strange people, and strange smells, in a strange place.

I just walk away and LEAVE him!

“I’ll be right back, Max,” I say as I walk out the doggie salon door.

These are the exact same words I say when I leave him at home in the apartment, but as I hear my own words, I’m distinctly aware of the difference -- he is not safe on his rug, peering at me with happy, sleepy eyes as I say it. I’m not leaving him in his comfort zone now.

He is frantic in the hands of the groomer, trying to not be pulled into the bathing chamber – scratching a clawing with his tonails that need trimming – trying to get back into MY presence, into my hands, into my car, back to safety and comfort…

But despite his anxiety and panic, I leave him anyway -- because I know it’s all OK.

I have the plan, the vision, the knowledge of the temporary uncertainty and the CERTAIN good in the next two hours.

I know what Max doesn’t know.

Graham Cooke says that God often allows in his goodness and wisdom what He could easily prevent with his power… Yeah.

I don’t think I need to explain much more.

Friends, I’m starting a new job on Monday…and I’m feeling pretty freaked out right now.

I feel a little bit left, abandoned, scared, and unsure…but in all that, I’m reminded of

Max who is right now being pampered in a doggie spa…. and I know….

I KNOW that if GOD knows, then I'm ok!

So, Max is OK - and I'm OK, too.

God promises to NEVER LEAVE ME or forsake me - and I KNOW He always keeps his promises!

Day after prologue: Max is fine. He is home, happy, and comfortable again...and I am back to vacuuming twice/week, instead of twice/day. ;)

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